Arcadia Ghost
Director CJ Goodwyn, true ghost story.

In 1998 I was a crew member working in the Arcadia which we turned into a haunted attraction for the town of Kerrville, Texas.  Before we set up shop and began to decorate we got a history lesson about a man that hung him self in the cry room back in the 1950's.  The cry room is where guest left there children to be watched by a staff member while the parents watched the shows.

 We were informed at times you could smell a certain cologne and there have been a few sightings of the man that hung himself.

The first night we were up stairs in the office area and sure enough we smelled cologne.  Then it would be gone and move to another area in the room, then be gone again, back and forth this happen.  

In the Arcadia we set up the cry room as the electric chair station.  Guess would walk by the glass strobe light would go off and a person pretends to be murdered by the electric chair.

Well after about two nights of working the haunted attraction I was on my way to go on break past the cry room and the person working the room comes out and asks me to watch the room real quick while he uses the restroom.   Said no problem, I went and sat in the chair and was waiting for his return.  5 min go by then 10min go by then 15 min go by.  Where is this guy?  I leave the room and go to break room and asks, Who is working the Cry Room Tonight?  NO ONE is working the cry room tonight its closed, they replied.  Hahaha I say, very funny, No really who is working the cry room, No one we swear.  WHAT!!!   I just spoke to a man that came out of the cry room, we searched for this person over the next hour never found him, we came to the conclusion that I talked to the man that hung himself in the cry room.  

This still gives me goose bumps today as this story really did happen, we never found the man that came out of that room!  Was it a ghost- I believe it was! 

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