After the sudden loss of his fiancée Emma, Matt becomes obsessed with finding life after death.  For seven years, Matt and his younger brother Michael visited over one hundred Ghost House cases in the U.S.- every one of them turning into a dissapointment. Beginning to give up hope, Matt tracks down the only paranormal investigator in history to document a GH5, which is the strongest level of supernatural you can experience. Eager to visit the GH5, Matt runs into a situation when his other brother CJ returns home from active duty. After distancing himself over the years, CJ tries to strengthen their relationship by joining the investigation of a GH5. It soon becomes clear that the paranormal is real and CJ’s opportunity to reconcile his relationship with his brothers has turned into a night of deceit, loss and survival.    

What is GH5?

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C.J. Goodwyn
Independent Film Director/Producer
San Antonio, TX